How To Enjoy Your Time With An Escort? A Newbie’s Guide

How To Enjoy Your Time With An Escort? A Newbie’s Guide

People who are new to the escort industry think that the entire process of going on a date with an escort is like a piece of cake. If you also believe the same then you are in for a big shock. In reality, the process is lined with numerous landmines and pitfalls.

There are a lot of important factors when hiring an escort for the first time such as, "How to find a genuine agency?", " When to give her the money?" What if she does not like me?” "What if she is a thief and robs me?" etc. With these thoughts in mind, they realize that the world of escorts may seem straightforward, but it is more complicated than what they have imagined.

We are writing this article to demystify the complicated world of the escort industry and help our readers spend a fantastic time in the company of these gorgeous ladies.

⦁ Search For An Escort You Are Attracted To And Who Provides Good Services

Picking an escort for yourself is one of the most crucial steps. With so many options available, selecting the right escort can often prove to be a daunting task.

Make sure to hire escorts only from reputed agencies. If you find that the escort profiles displayed on the agency's site have less than five pictures or the photos match with someone else on the internet, know that the profile is not a genuine one. If you find that a single escort's listing is available for multiple cities, there are probabilities that the agency is fake.

It is simple to find some reputed agencies in and around Westminster. After finding a genuine agency, scroll through the escort profiles displayed there. You will soon find yourself attracted to a few of them. However, your search does not end here. Read through the Escort Reviews and check the ratings provided by previous clients. Based on all these factors, shortlist one escort for yourself.

⦁ Prepare Yourself for the Call

The only purpose of calling the escort should be to book your appointment and nothing else. One of the most common mistakes that newbies make is asking the escort about the different services she offers on the phone call itself. This might create a negative first impression.

You will find everything related to the services she offers, the price charged by her, etc., on the website itself, and thus you should refrain from asking such questions on the phone. If you still have any doubts, clear them out when you meet her in person.

Escorts may ask you a few questions that include your employment details, whether you have hired an escort before, whether you are a virgin, how long will you be using her services, etc. Such information helps the escort ensure that you are a genuine person. Also, this information helps the escorts groom themselves as per your requirements.

⦁ Be Punctual

Arriving late or early by a few minutes is acceptable. However, running behind the scheduled time by fifteen minutes is not acceptable. It would help if you respected the fact that she is also a professional and has a commitment to her work. Moreover, it creates a bad impression that you do not respect her time.

Similarly, it would help if you did not arrive early either. The escort may be busy entertaining another client or tidying up her apartment for her next appointment. Unless she has a waiting room and has asked you to arrive early, do not arrive before time.

If, due to the same reason, you cannot arrive at the destination on time, let the escort know about it in advance.

⦁ Do the Necessary Preparations

If you have booked outcall services, make sure to clean the house before the escort arrives. You are the host of the evening, and thus you must keep everything ready. If staying in a hotel room, you can ask the room service to clean the room before your guest arrives. Check for unused towels and toiletries and ensure that every necessary item is available for your guest. Also, keep some refreshments to offer to her when she arrives.

⦁ The Date

When you have everything set up, going on a date is one of the easiest parts. However, there are a few common mistakes that newbies make. One of those is regarding the payment. It will help if you don’t negotiate the price with her and pay her the exact amount mentioned in your agreement. Always place the money in a blank envelope and place the envelope somewhere in some inconspicuous place.

You can place the envelope in a visible place such as the coffee table, the counter, etc. Ensure that it is placed in a way so that the escort can easily spot it. Please do not make the mistake of handing her the money directly. Also, give her some time to count the money and check whether the amount is correct.

⦁ Be Courteous

When you go to a barber, you do not barge into the room and yell, “Start cutting my hair now! I am a busy person, and I don't have much time on hand.” Similarly, you should not just get into a room with an escort and request her to start satisfying you immediately.
Greet her and engage in some small talk before taking things further. Behave like a gentleman and ask her how her day was, etc. All these small gestures will help you make an excellent first impression on her. Moreover, she may reward you at the end of the date for your kind words.


People hire escorts for several reasons, be it to satisfy their sexual desires or as a tourist guide to see new places. If this is your first time hiring an escort, make sure to avoid the common mistakes that people often make. Follow the tips mentioned above to have a fantastic time with the escort.


How To Enjoy Your Time With An Escort? A Newbie’s Guide


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